Everything You Need to Know About Bobble Bash: A Guide to Getting Started and Mastering the Game

Everything You Need to Know About Bobble Bash: A Guide to Getting Started and Mastering the Game
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Everything You Need to Know About Bobble Bash: A Guide to Getting Started and Mastering the Game

Bobble Bash is an exciting tabletop point-collection game developed by Discord. Combining elements of shuffleboard and bumper cars, this turn-based strategy game is designed to provide a thrilling experience for players. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything from starting the game to mastering its mechanics, including frequently asked questions.

What is Bobble Bash?

Bobble Bash is a fun and engaging activity where players navigate obstacles to score points and emerge victorious. The game is similar to Bobble League, featuring turn-based strategy and physics. Players must aim and shoot their Bobble to collect points, avoid obstacles, and collide with other players.

How to Start Bobble Bash

Starting Bobble Bash is simple and can be done through the Discord application in several ways. Whether in a server's voice channel or a direct message, you can follow the instructions in the Discord Activities section to begin. However, it's important to note that some mobile devices may not meet the minimum requirements for Bobble Bash, potentially causing slower gameplay. For the best experience, it’s recommended to play on the Discord desktop app.

How to Play Bobble Bash

Voting for a Series

Before the game starts, players vote for a series. Two out of five available series will appear on the screen. Each series consists of four levels leading to victory. There is also a Random Series option, which selects four levels from any series.

Bobble Bash can accommodate up to 8 active players. Once 8 players have voted, a "Game Full" message will appear. Players who prefer to spectate can disable voting and automatically join the spectator queue when the game starts. Spectators can join an ongoing game by clicking the "join game" button and starting from the next level.

Starting the Game

When at least one player has voted for a series, the countdown begins. Once it reaches zero, all players who voted will enter the first stage of the chosen series. To move your Bobble and score points, click (or tap) and drag to aim. The color and length of the target arrow indicate the power and distance of your move.

Players earn points by collecting diamonds, gems, and stars. Points are also awarded for colliding with obstacles and other players. Some levels feature specific targets or waypoints that grant additional points.

Earning Badges and Tracking Stats

At the end of each level, bonus points are randomly awarded based on specific actions—or inactions—performed by players during the game. You can view the badges you’ve earned, check your lifetime points, and boast about the number of matches or series you’ve won.

Players can view their stats by selecting "My Stats" on the series voting screen. By clicking on their avatars, players and spectators can access statistics, and at the end of a series, all participants can view their stats, while spectators can see the Grand Champion's stats.

Becoming the Champion

The player with the most points at the end of each level wins that level. The player with the highest score at the end of the series is crowned the champion. If a player wins a series, a victory crown appears above their avatar in the next series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a motion and light sensitivity warning?

Some individuals may experience seizures or fainting when exposed to flashing lights or patterns in video games, even if they have no history of epilepsy or seizures. It’s crucial to warn potential players about these risks and offer options to disable camera shake to make the game more accessible for everyone.

Is there an age requirement for Bobble Bash?

No, there is no age requirement for playing Bobble Bash.

Where can I report bugs or issues with the game?

You can submit a bug report by visiting Discord's bug report page. For instructions on how to submit bug reports, please refer to the Help Center article.

How can I view or delete my activity data on Discord?

For Discord-developed activities like Bobble Bash, you can view your data through Discord's Privacy and Security settings. To enhance the gaming experience, Discord temporarily accesses and stores user data such as Discord ID, avatar, and username when a user joins an activity. This data is retained only while the activity remains active. Once all users leave and the activity ends, the data is deleted.

Note: Deleting your data will remove all progress made in these activities.

What if my question isn’t listed?

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, you can contact Discord support by submitting a ticket here.

Bobble Bash offers an exciting blend of strategy and fun, making it a fantastic addition to Discord’s range of activities. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the scene, this guide provides all the information you need to get started and enjoy the game to its fullest. Happy Bashing!

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