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Firstly, the letter in prefix is not I, it is L (small one). Turkish management bot that is being developed every day. It has all general commands. Just a bot that gives you convenient to manage your server. There is a premium member system. The advantage of premium members is that they have special commands. Premium members can be purchased with the money you earn by texting. (temporarily in maintenance) And there is a level system (temporarily in maintenance). When the web panel finished, people can check their rank on website. If you just want to learn your level, just write l!seviye in channel. The features that will come within 1 months are: Web Panel Anti Raid Channel Protection More Avatar commands Automatically send random photos or gifs Advanced economy system Captcha Music system (still not sure) Youtube Notification Discord.js Helping Menu and more. Lemniscate used by more servers every day. Don't you want to add it to your se

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