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Elevate Your LoL and Valorant Skills: Join Our Community for Tips and Strategies!

Step up your game in League of Legends and Valorant! Our platform is dedicated to players like you, who are eager to hone their skills, understand deeper strategies, and truly excel in their favorite games. We offer a treasure trove of resources designed to improve your play ethically and within the games' terms of service.

What We Provide:

Skill Improvement Tips: Dive into our expertly curated tips that cover everything from basic gameplay mechanics to advanced strategies. Perfect your last-hitting in LoL, master your aiming in Valorant, and learn the art of map control in both games.

Strategic Guides: Our in-depth guides delve into game theory, character builds, and team compositions. Understand the why behind every strategy to make informed decisions in the heat of battle.

Community Support: Join a vibrant community of fellow gamers. Share your experiences, discuss strategies, and get advice from seasoned players. Our supportive environment is all about helping each other improve.

Workshops and Coaching: Access workshops led by experienced players and even personalized coaching sessions. Whether you’re looking to climb the ranks or just have more fun playing, our resources are here to help you reach your goals.

Our Ethos:

We believe in fair play and respect for the game developers’ rules and guidelines. Our community promotes improvement through skill and knowledge, not shortcuts. Enhance your gameplay experience by understanding the game better and practicing within the allowed parameters.

Join Our Community and Play Like a Pro!

Elevate your League of Legends and Valorant gameplay by joining us today. Together, we can achieve greatness on the battlefield, one smart play at a time.

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Adhere to Channel Themes: Stay on topic. Avoid spam and actions intended to annoy others.

Civility is Key: Maintain politeness. Keep conversations respectful, avoiding toxic behavior and extreme language. Breaching this will lead to consequences.

No Advertising: Posting external links or any form of advertisement will result in immediate removal.

Respect Privacy: Do not share others' information or images without consent. Serious violations (e.g., blackmail, hate speech) will incur a permanent ban.

Keep It SFW: NSFW content is prohibited across all channels. This includes emotes, profile pictures, and shared images.

Avoid Drama: Refrain from initiating or propagating drama.

English Only: Communications must be in English. Non-compliance will be met with warnings and potentially mutes.

Respect the Staff: Follow staff instructions for a harmonious environment. Use appropriate channels for queries or reports. Avoid unnecessary pings.

Copyright Respect: Do not post content that infringes on copyrights, including privacy breaches, cheats, or pirated materials.

Trading Prohibited: The server is not a marketplace. Trading, including bot currency or real money, is not allowed.

No Raiding: Raiding or discussing raids will result in a permanent ban.

This is Not a Dating Service: E-dating and excessive flirting are not permitted.

Serious About Age: Discord requires users to be 13+. Falsely claiming to be underage will lead to a ban.

No Backseat Moderating: While helpfulness is appreciated, moderation should be left to the moderators.

No Sub Servers: Creating or promoting sub servers to poach members is forbidden and will result in a ban.

Single Account Policy: Alternate accounts are not allowed. Violations will lead to bans on all associated accounts.

No Begging: This includes requests for Nitro, boosts, roles, bot currency, or real money.

Use Common Sense: Not all misconduct is listed. Staff reserve the right to act on disruptive behavior not explicitly mentioned.

Follow Discord TOS: All members must adhere to Discord's Terms of Service.

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