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Step into the vibrant world of the TWICE Discord, the largest and most dedicated space for ONCE (TWICE's fandom) and K-pop enthusiasts! Whether you're a die-hard ONCE or just discovering the magic of TWICE and K-pop, this server is your go-to destination for connecting with like-minded fans. Immerse yourself in discussions about TWICE, share your love for K-pop, and explore a welcoming community that spans the globe. With custom TWICE emojis, the latest updates, curated photos, and videos, the TWICE Discord is not just a server; it's a lively hangout where ONCE from around the world unite to celebrate their favorite K-pop sensations.

The TWICE Discord serves a dynamic purpose - to bring ONCE together in a global community where they can passionately discuss TWICE, share their love for K-pop, and connect with fellow fans. As the largest Discord dedicated to TWICE, this server is a one-stop-shop for everything TWICE-related. From custom TWICE emojis that add flair to your conversations to real-time updates on the latest news, the server keeps ONCE in the loop. Content managers curate a collection of photos and videos, ensuring that the community enjoys a steady stream of visually appealing and engaging TWICE content. More than just a fan space, the TWICE Discord is a virtual home for ONCE, fostering friendships, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging.

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To ensure a harmonious and enjoyable experience within the TWICE Discord community, we follow a set of community rules:

Respectful Conduct: Treat all members with respect and kindness, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

Focused Discussions: Keep discussions centered around TWICE, K-pop, and related topics to maintain the server's theme and cohesion.

Appropriate Content: Share content that aligns with the server's purpose and maintains a positive and supportive environment.

Embrace Diversity: Celebrate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of ONCE from around the world, fostering a sense of unity.

No Spoilers Without Warning: Be considerate of others by using spoiler tags for recent content or news to avoid unintended revelations.

Join the TWICE Discord today and become part of a dynamic community where your love for TWICE and K-pop is celebrated, shared, and amplified by fans from across the globe! 🍭🎤

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