Please read and follow the following rules before talking in the server. We want to provide a space where everyone can enjoy the server and for that we need your help as well!

Server Rules
1. Be respectful towards others.
Any disrespect, harassment, violent speech, or bashing of other members, groups, idols is not tolerated and may result in an immediate ban. Another user being disrespectful also does not excuse the same behavior as a response.
2. NSFW content is not allowed.
This includes NSFW videos/photos, sexual or inappropriate comments. Sexualizing minors is a instant ban even if not done in this server.
3. Slander/harassment/doxxing will result in an instant ban.
This also extends to actions outside of the discord.
4. No spamming.
This includes repeated emotes/gifs/photos/reactions/links, copypastas, lyrics, text in ALL CAPS, messages that could've been in one message, excessive spoilers not used for their intended purpose, messages that do not add to the conversation such as "dead chat".
5. No self promotion or advertising unless requested by another user.
- Server invites, requesting users to join your server, YouTube channels, etc. are not allowed.
- This extends to advertising in your status and about me sections.
- DM advertisements are an instant ban.
- It is allowed to provide a server link for another member if they request for an invite (e.g. someone looking for the Red Velvet server).
6. English only.
Please keep all discussion in English, we are not able to enforce rules if you speak other languages.
7. Do not share your personal info.
Do not share personal photos, your Instagram, Facebook or any other form of social media.
8. If a person has been muted or banned, do not ask for the individual's whereabouts or attempt to speak on their behalf in any capacity. Failure to comply will result in your own mute or ban.
9. No e-dating or roleplaying.
10. No backseat moderation.
If you are not a moderator or staff please do not enforce the rules in our place.
11. No begging.
Do not ask others to buy you things, e.g. Discord Nitro. This includes DMing other users to beg.
12. Do not use nicknames/usernames that disrupt the chat.
This includes adding excessive emojis or exploiting special characters.
13. Do not discuss sensitive topics. This is not a suitable or safe place to discuss sensitive topics such as self harm and mental health related issues. If you are going through something difficult, please reference the next embed below.

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