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The official fan-server for the League of Legends champion Ivern!

Ivern Mains is video game related community, filled with fans and people that like to play as, or with, the playable League of Legends champion named "Ivern".

We offer a lot of help and guides to new players who would like help with learning the champion, and get better at the game while doing so. We have a detailed FAQ section, featuring quick showcases on what Items, Runes or Jungle clear path is currently the best. No more OP.GG copying without context required!

If you aren't interested in playing Ivern yourself, and is more interested in finding a Jungler for your team, or have another reason for joining: Feel free to do so! We are an open forest and everyone is welcome into our close community.

Get prepared to meet and make friends with a bunch of dedicated regulars and fans of Ivern that have held on to this community since the addition of Ivern to League of Legends.

May the Sun warm you, all of your days! 🌲

Server Purpose 🍃: Nurturing Ivern Enthusiasts, Growing Together

Ivern Mains is not your ordinary gaming server; it's a nurturing ground for those enchanted by the spirit of Ivern. The purpose is twofold: to guide new players on the path of mastering this unique champion and to provide a supportive environment for everyone to elevate their League of Legends experience. Dive into a detailed FAQ section that goes beyond the surface, offering insights into the best items, runes, and jungle clear paths without the need for mindless OP.GG copying.

Whether you're a budding Ivern main or someone seeking a reliable jungler for your team, Ivern Mains opens its forest to all. Embrace the camaraderie of a close-knit community, where seasoned regulars and passionate Ivern fans have found a home since the champion's introduction to League of Legends.

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Server Rules 🌲: Navigating the Forest of Friendship with Etiquette

To ensure the harmonious growth of the community, we've set down some guidelines:

Helpful Guidance 🤝: Engage in helpful guidance. Share your knowledge, seek advice, and contribute to the collective growth of Ivern enthusiasts within the community.

Respectful Environment 🌿: Foster a respectful environment. Treat fellow members with kindness, acknowledging the diverse reasons for joining the Ivern Mains community.

Open Forest Policy 🌲: Embrace the open forest policy. Everyone is welcome, whether you're an Ivern player or someone seeking a valuable addition to your League of Legends team.

Dedicated Regulars 👑: Recognize the dedicated regulars. Learn from experienced Ivern mains and fans who have been an integral part of the community since the inception of Ivern in League of Legends.

May the Sun Warm You ☀️: Spread positive vibes. As you explore the forest of Ivern Mains, let the warmth of friendship and shared passion brighten your days.

Server Growth in 7 Days Ξ %-4.65