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🌍 Meditation Mind is a global community dedicated to offering a wholesome, non-judgmental space for anyone interested in or practicing meditation and mindfulness.

🌈 We pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive community, encouraging discussions on all forms of secular and religious meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative practices, including somatic practices. Our doors are open to conversations about general well-being and self-improvement.

📚 Members have access to a free, four-week online mindfulness course based on MBSR/MBCT principles, reviewed by an MBSR Senior Instructor.

Features of Meditation Mind:

🌸 Wholesome, welcoming community atmosphere
🤗 Involved and friendly staff team
🧘‍♂️ Guided group meditations
📖 Weekly book club
📚 Weekly study group
🧠 Teacher/coach presence for guidance
🌱 Free, four-week online mindfulness course
🤖 Custom meditation bot with logging, streaks, and more
🎖️ Level-based roles, custom emojis/stickers, memes, and a diverse array of engaging activities!

🌟 Foster a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued.
📈 Grow our community to connect more individuals with the tools and support they need to enhance their mindfulness practice.
🧠 Expand the availability of mindfulness and meditation resources, making them accessible to a wider audience.
🔄 Encourage continuous learning and personal growth among our members through engaging activities like the book club and study groups.
🎓 Develop a network of mindfulness practitioners and teachers to provide guidance, support, and education to our community members.
🤝 Build lasting relationships and a sense of companionship among members, creating a safe haven for sharing experiences and insights.
Join us to find support, companionship, and the tools you need to improve your life! Let's build habits, share insights, learn from each other, and enjoy hanging out in a warm, relaxing atmosphere. Everyone is welcome - we hope you will join us ❤️

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1️⃣ 🤝 Be Kind, Civil, and Considerate: No personal attacks.
2️⃣ 🌈 Respect for All: Be respectful toward LGBT+, all ages, all genders, all religions, and traditions.
3️⃣ 👶 All-Ages Server: Be mindful of mature themes and excessive profanity.
4️⃣ 🤗 Respect Boundaries: Keep jesting and banter good-natured and consensual.
5️⃣ ✉️ DM Etiquette: Always ask permission to DM (unless staff or DM-friendly tag).
6️⃣ 🔖 Tagging: Only tag roles when appropriate. Ask if unsure.
7️⃣ 🌟 SFW Profiles: Keep server nicknames, custom statuses, and avatars/pfps SFW.
8️⃣ 📢 No Unauthorized Ads: Advertising, recruitment, and self-promotion require approval.
9️⃣ ©️ Respect Intellectual Property: Be mindful of copyright when sharing content.
🔟 🚫 Avoid Sensitive Topics: No drug talk, politics, conspiracy theories, or disinformation.

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