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Rule 1 - No hate speech or trolling.
Harassment, hate speech, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, and trolling are not allowed here, including the use of racial or homophobic slurs. This server has a zero-tolerance policy for such messages, and you may be banned immediately without warning or recourse.

Rule 2 - No NSFW or suggestive content.
Do not post anything that is NSFW or overly suggestive. This includes discussions about such topics. If you are unsure if it is considered NSFW or suggestive, you should refrain from posting it and seek clarification from staff if necessary.

Rule 3 - No advertising or selling.
This server is not a marketplace: do not ask for money or in-game currency, try to buy / sell / give away anything, or ask people to join your Discord server or community. This includes messaging any user on the server. Promotion of your channel (e.g. Twitch streams) is allowed in streams-and-videos only.

Rule 4 - No spamming.
This includes repeated use of bot commands, misuse of spoiler tags / code blocks / special text, trying to test filters, rapidly switching voice channels or tagging people who are not currently active in the chat.

Rule 5 - Be mindful of channels and their purpose.
Failure to follow channel guidelines so may result in loss of permissions. Relevant information about the purpose of each channel can be found in server-info, or in the channel topic and pinned messages at the top. If you are sharing leaked content or spoilers of any kind, please use || || to mark it as a spoiler.

Rule 6 - No special character names or impersonation.
Your nick/user must comply with the rest of the rules and must be taggable without using an excess of special characters (plain English text only).
Impersonating server staff, Ubisoft staff or significant community figures is also strictly forbidden. Please message our modmail if you wish to verify yourself.

Rule 7 - No platform baiting.
Users from all platforms – PC, Playstation and Xbox – are welcome here. Avoid creating drama and arguments about which platform is better.

Rule 8 - No user bots or alt accounts.
Unapproved user bots and alts are not allowed here. Accounts involved will be banned without warning.

Rule 9 - Remain civil and considerate towards other users.
This includes avoiding politically inflammatory content or discussions, or sharing anything intended or likely to cause upset or offence. If there is a conflict, work to defuse it instead of making it worse. Otherwise, send us a modmail so we can handle it - don't be a mini-mod and try to deal with it yourself!

Rule 10 - Follow all staff instructions immediately and at all times.
If you require clarification about any warning or instruction, please send a DM to @FairFight™ Jr. to discuss it with server staff. Staff will not discuss action taken against other users.

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