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Welcome to MathMinds Community, your go-to place for learning and discussing mathematics! Whether you're a student seeking help with homework, a math enthusiast exploring new concepts, or a seasoned mathematician eager to share knowledge, you've found your mathematical haven.

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● Do not post provocative content or otherwise harass and discriminate against groups or individuals.
● Do not post anything NSFW (18+), and in general try to keep it family friendly. Do not use an inappropriate nickname or profile picture.
● Do not spam, flood, or post unsolicited advertisements. Do not post responses written by ChatGPT or a similar AI tool.
● Do not insult, attack, troll, gaslight other people. Do not publish people's private information without their consent. In general apply common sense, be respectful to others, and act in good faith.
● Do not cheat on tests or exams. Do not be academically dishonest. Do not offer money for doing homework assignments, and vice versa.
● We cannot allow people under the age of 13 on the server.
● We cannot allow posting links or files with pirated content.

These are the most important rules. For more info see ⁠info.

If you see anyone violating these, feel free to ping @Moderators.

● Respect topics of the channels: make sure that you are asking in the right place.
● Avoid Directly Messaging people for help without their consent. In general it is bad etiquette to DM people you do not know.
● #help channels are for homework type questions/problems. Topical channels prioritise open-ended discussion about particular topics.
● Do not spam your questions in the wrong channel or across multiple channels. Be patient and wait for someone to answer.
● When asking a question, show what you tried to solve the problem. We are not here to do your homework for you, but we are here to help you learn how to do your homework. See ⁠❓how-to-get-help for more info on how to ask questions.
● Respect that other people might be at a different stage in their education than you, what is obvious to you might not be obvious to them.
● Be rational and exercise critical thinking. If someone makes a mistake in their reasoning, politely point it out.

● Keep it civil in the ⁠chill channel. Treat it as a channel for friendly banter with your classmates or possibly your teacher/professor/advisor.
● If there is a debate, be polite and civil. Try to back up your arguments with objective facts, and avoid fallacies. When arguing you should seek to find out the truth, instead of trying to be right. There is nothing wrong with changing your opinion based on presented information and admitting that you were wrong.
● Try to avoid debates on heavy topics like politics and religion. These rarely result in fruitful discussion.

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