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Be nice.
There are real, living people behind those nicknames and avatars. Be nice to them, and they will be nice to you. If you’re not nice to them, you will get nicely banned :).

This community is safe for work.
There are a ton of great places to see and share explicit content, this is not one of them.

Excessive profanity is not allowed.
This is not kindergarten, we won't chastise you for one or two inappropriate words or comments here and there.
But we will encourage you (and yell language really loudly) to try to keep it under control. Being a music centered server, we don't like censoring the songs people are allowed to sing. We know a lot of songs contain explicit language and we promise you that we also enjoy them. However, if the song as a whole is offensive or over explicit, please don't sing it here. (Think of most "diss tracks", "gangsta rap", etc.)

Do not disrupt the flow of the voice channels.
This one is trickier, I know, but it's not rocket science.
You wouldn't enter a room blasting music through some speakers. Or well, maybe you would, who knows, just don't do it here mkay?
If there's people taking turns singing, they probably don't want to hear your super awesome 3 minute long story about how you made the perfect tuna sandwich, no matter how interesting it is. (Yes, that last one happened to us before, don't ask.) Long story short, if the voice channel changes topic or course completely because you joined (or started talking) then you are probably doing it wrong. Listen before you speak.

No Duets Over the Internet.
Due to purely technical reasons, we do not allow performances that involve multiple Discord users/bots transmitting sound at the same time.
This is because the delay is different for everyone on the channel, making it impossible to synchronize multiple audio sources.
It might sound good to you, on your device, but for the rest of the people in the channel, it's probably out of sync.

Do not record or stream other people's performances without their explicit consent.
We shouldn’t even have to tell you this. Seriously, it is creepy as hell.

Do not share other people's personal information or media without their explicit consent.
So your friend dmed you a selfie and you want to send it to other friends or post it on your Instagram. No can do! That’s actually illegal, my dudes.

Do not make people uncomfortable.
We do not want to hear you eat your food. This is not an ASMR server. We don't want to know what you are doing with your genitalia while you hear us sing, nor do we want pictures of it. The fact that you are able to hide on the other side of your screen does not allow you to be a creep. If you do any of the before mentioned things you can know for certain that we will laugh at you, shame you for it and then smack you with the ban hammer 😃

Do not advertise other communities without our staff's approval.
We are totally cool with it if somebody asked about servers on a specific subject and you recommend them one. If there is a person here that you think would enjoy one of the other servers you are in, go ahead.
Only do this with moderation. The spammer gets the hammer 😃

Discord's TOS apply here as well. We are using the platform so we gotta follow their rules too!
link: https://discordapp.com/terms

Singing is what we do, all day, every day, come and jam with us! or just listen. no judging, good vibes only!

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