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Rustoria is a widely recognised Rust server community hosting several servers of MANY kinds in multiple regions!

Rustoria™ Discord is a thriving community catering to Rust players of all levels and interests. Offering an array of servers, including official, modded, vanilla, and training servers across various regions, Rustoria™ ensures an immersive and diverse gaming experience.

Dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment, Rustoria™ invites players to engage beyond mere gameplay. The Discord server serves as a hub for support, feedback, and announcements. A dedicated channel encourages users to share feedback and suggestions, with the assurance that all input is valued and considered. Moreover, the server keeps the community updated with forthcoming server changes and relevant Rustoria™ developments.

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Respectful Conduct: Treat fellow members with courtesy and respect. Any form of discrimination, harassment, or hate speech will not be tolerated.

Content Guidelines: Keep discussions and shared content within the boundaries of the server's focus on Rust gameplay and community interactions. Avoid unrelated or explicit content.

Network Support: Seek assistance from our dedicated team regarding any network-related issues to ensure an optimized gaming experience for all players.

Payment Support: For queries or concerns regarding in-game perks and kits, our specialized team is available to provide support and assistance promptly.

Adherence to Discord TOS: Abide by Discord's terms of service and guidelines at all times.

No Spam or Self-Promotion: Refrain from spamming the channels or self-promoting without prior authorization.

Moderation Compliance: Follow instructions from moderators and administrators to maintain order and uphold the server's atmosphere.

Rustoria™ Discord strives to create a friendly and supportive community for Rust enthusiasts. By adhering to these rules, members contribute to a positive and enriching experience for all.