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LTT Discord Network Agreement:

By your presence in the LTT Discord Network, you agree to abide by and uphold the rules listed above. Failure to follow these rules will result in moderative action, and may result in a temporary mute or ban from the community entirely. Some violations may also be reported to Discord's Trust and Safety team, which may result in account suspension and/or termination.

If you do not currently have the @Regular role (which grants access to all public channels), please click the ✅ below once. If it does not work, please reach out to our moderation team.
If you've recently joined and have already received the @Regular role from the rules popup, you do not need to react below.

General Rules and Expectations:

1. Follow the Discord Terms of Service, Discord Community Guidelines, and Discord Partnership Code of Conduct.
2. Do not harass, disrespect, discriminate against, or otherwise be a dick towards other Discord members (this includes arguing and flame-warring). Failure to abide by this rule generally results in a permanent ban from the LTT Discord Network.
3. Do not share or discuss NSFW/suggestive content (sexuality included), content related to drugs, or other controversial topics/content.
4. Do not spam, shitpost, troll, or advertise. This includes (but is not limited to) gameservers unrelated to LTT (eg. private Minecraft servers), low-quality content (such as memes or recycled posts, etc), general spam, religion, and politics. If you're not sure your post is allowed, it likely isn't.
5. Absolutely no soliciting. It's not ok to ask for freebies here, nor is it ok to advertise things (eg. Discord bots, etc.). This rule also includes asking to become a moderator/asking for special Discord roles. You are allowed to ask for clarification about a role in-general, but not ask for it.
6. Do not illegally share content. The discussion of piracy/torrenting is allowed on a broad scale, but specific discussion of DRM circumvention is not allowed. Your best bet is to link to the author's official source of the content.
7. Do not share Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Sharing anyone's personal information (eg. DOXing) will result in a permanent ban. Sharing your own information is not recommended and may result in similar action.
8. Do not tag the LTT staff team unless they're active in chat. Pinging LTT staff for any other reason will be punished. If there's an issue that requires immediate attention, please ping our @Mod team or DM our moderation bot. Someone will get to your message as soon as possible.
9. Do not infringe upon any Terms of Service agreement in our chat. This rule is outlined in the Discord TOS agreement, but especially doesn't allow links to gray-market sites (sites that sell keys unofficially, etc.), or activity that would otherwise compromise a TOS agreement for any service.
10. All discussion in this Discord should be related to LinusTechTips content or tech in some way. Furthermore, each channel has a topic. Whatever's posted in a channel should conform to the topic, otherwise it will be deleted. All messages in this Discord should also be written in English.
11. Non-alphanumeric usernames (including 'blank usernames') generally aren't allowed here, and will likely be replaced by our moderation team.
12. If you're subscribed to LTT through floatplane.com, you'll have access to a private subscriber channel. This is where all discussion of FP-content belongs. As such, discussion of FP content in any other channel is not allowed, and spoilers in non-FP channels will be handled by the moderation team.
13. Alt accounts are not allowed in the LTT Network. If an alt account is found for any reason, it will likely be permanently banned, and further action may be taken upon the main account.
14. Discussion of moderative actions (including but not limited to message removal, mutes, bans, or any other action) is not allowed in any chat. If you wish to discuss an infraction, you're welcome to respectfully reach out to our moderation team. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a ban.
15. It should also be noted all messages sent to the moderation bot are logged, and may be actioned if deemed necessary. We generally do not reply to these messages, but see all of them -- which means spam and rude comments are not ok and will be moderated.
16. This list is not all-inclusive, and it is asked that you have a general common sense of what is and isn't allowed. This is an official platform that represents LTT, and posts that don't comply with the rules outlined here aren't allowed.

By your presence in the LTT Discord Network, you agree to abide by and uphold the rules listed above. Failure to follow these rules will result in moderative action, and may result in a temporary mute or ban from the community

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