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Please take note of our current rules, roles and available chat channels. If you have any questions regarding the Discord server or would like to report a user, please contact any member of our staff team. It is best to contact a @moderator before going for an admin.

As with any other community, the Discord Terms of Service (https://discord.com/terms) and Community Guidelines (https://discord.com/guidelines) apply here. Those found in violation of the Terms of Service and/or Community Guidelines will be removed from the server and reported to Discord.


1. Please be respectful and friendly to all members of the community including staff members. We ask of everyone to be considerate of others and use common sense. Gauge the vibe around you and adapt. Don't be annoying.
2. You may not promote violence or hatred towards others. This includes and is not limited to because of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, age or disability. Bullying is not tolerated. If there's valid proof of such occurring, it will result in an immediate ban. No questions asked.
3. Do not share private information of another person regardless if they're in the server currently or not. An example would be sharing someone's IP address with or without malicious intent.
4. Impersonators will be renamed or kicked depending on the severity. For example if you name yourself Yung Gravy and say you are him when you're not.
5. No self promotion in the Discord. Your messages will be removed by our staff members and you will be muted for a certain timeframe. If you were spamming it or left afterwards, you will most likely end up banned. For example, posting a link of your audio clip that's directly linked to your YouTube channel or posting a link to your Twitch stream. We have made exceptions to this rule such as posting a link to a GoFundMe but please contact a staff member beforehand for permission. Other than that, please participate in the community without promoting your content.
6. Do not advertise other Discord servers or third party websites. If you want to invite a friend you've made in the server to another Discord server, do it privately.
7. Those named "everyone" or "here" will be renamed. This rules also applies to those that nicknamed themselves.
8. Do not ping @bbno$. If you need someone's attention for any assistance, please ping the @moderator team.

Welcome to the official Discord server for rapper, singer, and songwriter bbno$ - New Album "eat ya veggies" out now!

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