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🌸 Welcome to Anime Universe Discord! 🌸

Calling all anime enthusiasts! If you have a passion for anime, this server is your ultimate destination to connect with like-minded individuals and cultivate new friendships centered around our shared love for Japanese animation.

Here's what awaits you:

🌸 Active Friendly Community: Dive into our welcoming community of fellow weebs where engaging discussions about your favorite anime series, characters, and manga are always happening.

🌸 Daily Chat Activity: Join in on the lively conversations in our active chat channels! With daily activity, there's never a dull moment as you share your thoughts and experiences with fellow fans.

🌸 Amazing Emojis: Express yourself with our extensive collection of anime-themed emojis! From iconic expressions to adorable chibis, our emojis add an extra layer of fun to your messages.

🌸 Best Staff: Our dedicated staff members are here to ensure that your experience on the server is enjoyable and smooth. Feel free to reach out to them for assistance or guidance at any time.

🌸 Nitro Boosters Perks, Events & Giveaways: Enjoy exclusive perks as a Nitro booster, participate in exciting events, and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes in our regular giveaways.

🌸 Fun Bots Galore: Immerse yourself in a world of interactive bot games with Mudae, Anigame, Karuta, Tofu, Dank Memer, and Waifugami! There's plenty of entertainment to be had with our diverse selection of bots.

🌸 Chill Voice Channels: Kick back and relax in our laid-back voice channels while chatting with friends, playing games, or simply enjoying the company of fellow anime enthusiasts.

Join us in Anime Universe Discord and embark on an exciting journey filled with anime goodness and newfound friendships! We can't wait to welcome you to our community! 🌟

The purpose of Anime Universe Discord is to create a welcoming community for anime enthusiasts to come together, share their passion for anime, make new friends, and engage in discussions about their favorite shows, characters, and manga. Additionally, the server aims to provide members with a platform to participate in various activities, events, and giveaways, as well as enjoy the perks offered to Nitro boosters. Ultimately, Anime Universe Discord serves as a virtual hub where individuals who love anime can connect, interact, and foster a sense of belonging within the community.

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📜 Chat Rules:

👥 Be Respectful: No mean, rude, or harassing messages. Respect staff, members, and even those who have passed away. Harassment and blackmail, whether in chat or DMs, will be punished.
🤬 No Inappropriate Language: Keep profanity to a minimum. Derogatory language towards any user is prohibited. Swearing is allowed within reason and following all rules.
🚫 No Spam: Avoid sending consecutive small messages. Textwalls are prohibited unless necessary for the conversation. Keep it tweet-length (around 280 characters). Trolls get instant-banned.
🍑 NSFW Content: Keep it in designated channels. Nudity, gore, or sexual content in any form, including emotes and stickers, outside those channels is prohibited.
🚫 No Advertisements: Posting links to other servers outside our network will be auto-deleted. Advertising your social media or websites in your "About Me" is allowed, but don't post them in chats unless asked.
👤 Usernames, PFPs, Banners: Keep them appropriate and according to server rules. Inappropriate ones will be removed.
🔒 Alt Accounts & Server Raiding: Alt accounts and server raiding are prohibited.
⚠️ Threats are Forbidden: Threats are strictly prohibited.
🏛️ Politics and Religion: Avoid in-depth discussions on these topics.
🔗 Links / Files: Don't post malicious links or files.
❌ No Pedophilia / Hate / Racism / Homophobia / Transphobia / Ableism / Misogyny / Sexism / etc: All slurs and variations of them are not tolerated.
🛑 No Cancel Culture: Avoid drama over political topics and don't participate in cyber-bullying.
💼 Scams: Scamming will result in bans.
🗣️ Don't Talk About Banned Members: If you have issues about a banned member, message a staff member.
💑 Main Rule: This server is not a dating server.
🎙️ Voice-Chat Rules:

📞 Private Voice-Channels: Don't join without permission.
🚫 NSFW Content: Prohibited in public voice chats.
🤐 General Behavior: No ear-damaging sounds or excessive toxicity. Don't record voice chat unless a staff member is breaking rules.
👑 Supreme Rule: Follow the Discord Community Guidelines.

Remember, the staff team will enforce rules and appeals can be made if needed. Don't argue with staff or impersonate others.

Your presence in this server implies acceptance of these rules, including future changes. There are no loopholes. All owner decisions are final.

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