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Welcome to the TryHackMe discord! Here's a few helpful tips to get you started:

New to the site? Check it out here: https://tryhackme.com/
This discord is a dedicated community for the TryHackMe (THM) information security/hacking training website. We are not hackers for hire, requesting such will get you banned immediately.

Be sure to start with verifying with the bot! You'll need this to use voice chat and post images! Find out how here: https://help.tryhackme.com/community/discord

Have questions about a room on THM?
- Ask for hints here: room-hints
- Ask for help here: room-help
- Report bugs here: room-bugs

Need tech support with getting connected or something directly related to TryHackMe? Check out tech-support

Want to play a thrilling game of King of the Hill? Find one here: koth

Need help with a pathway?
- Get help for rooms on the Pre-Security pathway here: pre-security-pathway
- Get help for rooms on the Offensive pathway here: offensive-pentesting-path
- Get help for rooms on the Defensive pathway here: cyber-defense-path

No unsolicited direct messages (DMs) or friend requests to other members of the discord without explicit permission. You may DM members of the moderation team without asking if you have an issue with another member in the Discord. The community manager (Dark) may be DM'd without restriction.
No personal drama or drama from any other discord community is allowed to be brought into this discord. This is a space for infosec discussions and learning, keep it that way.
No excessive self promotion. Linking to another discord server is strictly prohibited, unless you have the infosec-developer role and the server is being linked as a resource to provide help with a specific tool (e.g. linking the Ciphey official Discord server for help with Ciphey). Don't turn it into advertising.
Keep it civil. If action is necessary in a dispute or any other sort of disruption on this discord punishment will be doled out evenly both to the individual(s) who started the issue and to those who reacted inappropriately in their response.
No cheating is allowed whatsoever within this discord. Any cheating (other than specifically within a developmental environment where it has been preapproved by staff) will result in an immediate and permanent ban. Point duplication or point cheating of any kind on TryHackMe.com will result in a permanent ban from the site and discord.
Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and will be met with punishment accordingly. Racism will result in a permanent ban without question.
Administrators reserve the right to modify the rules at any time and extend them accordingly to cover infractions which may not be currently included in these rules.
Keep conversations SFW (Safe for work). This is an educational and professional environment, be sure that your words do not offend or make other members uncomfortable. This server is exclusively English speaking for the purposes of moderation.
No discussion of illegal/unethical topics or actions. If the target device doesn't belong to you, and you don't have specific permission to perform an attack from the owner of the target: you don't do it, and we don't talk about it. This also applies to software licenses / copyright violations. If in doubt, please ask a moderator before posting your message -- preferably without breaking rule 1. Whether an action is illegal or not is at the sole discretion of the moderation team.
Do not post viruses or malicious files without explicit permission from the administrative staff. We understand that this is a discord for learning, however, there are plenty of places online to get malware for forensic examination and reverse engineering.
No distribution of illegally obtained materials within the discord. Do not pirate books in bookclub. This also applies to classified (or potentially classified) materials, which should also not be posted in the server.
If you use a Nitro boost on the server you get a pick a new server emote. If you do this twice you get two emotes. Emotes must be server appropriate.
When asking for help/tech support please perform research to your fullest ability and don't spam the chat if you don't get an answer to your question immediately. Mods and Community Mentors have the right to refuse helping those who have not done troubleshooting/research on their own first. Clearly phrase your questions as we (fortunately for all parties involved) cannot read your mind. Please include the room, task, and question number in your question if possible.

Although we are a learning platform, we politely ask that you respect the competitive nature of newly released challenges. As such, no hints for new challenge boxes should be given immediately after a release (72 hours, by default), unless instructed otherwise by the content creator.
You're welcome to post livestreams, writeups, and videos of THM content, just please post them in thm-community-media. Writeups should be submitted to the room in question and approved by the creator before being posted here.
Please leave any disciplinary measures to the discord staff (Trial Mods, Mods, and Admins). This is also known as no 'mini-modding'. If something is happening, please just let the staff know and we can take care of it <3. This includes no dog-piling. Let a mod handle it.
No spamming, please. This includes excess repeating of the same messages (typically from five upwards, however, staff reserve the right to further judgement in these cases).
Do not intentionally mislead others with malicious intent, especially should this misleading end up in destruction of property or otherwise damaging. Things like rickrolling are still allowed, just don't lead someone to damaging their computer/system.
When asking other members for help (either with TryHackMe rooms or anything else), please be respectful of the time and knowledge that it takes for them to answer your question. Disregarding advice off-hand, or otherwise being rude to the people electing to help is not acceptable, although please feel free to ask for an explanation if you'd like to discuss it! Please be courteous, listen to what people have to say, disagree respectfully (with a good reason) if you think they are incorrect, and overall treat people the way you would want to be treated.
From TryHackMe with ❤!

Welcome to the TryHackMe discord! Here's a few helpful tips to get you started:
New to the site?
This discord is a dedicated community for the TryHackMe (THM) information security/hacking

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