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Welcome to the official TechSource Discord!
Take a moment to read the 🚫rules and 📄information before getting started!

1. Follow the T.O.S
- https://discordapp.com/terms
- https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024871991-Discord-Partnership-Code-of-Conduct

2. Treat everyone with respect
- Any form of toxicity & harassment's will be punished as necessary
- Do not interfere with staff members doing their job, contact Michael if you believe a mistake was made

3. Keep all content PG-13 & English
- We welcome jokes, memes & shenanigans but remember we must upkeep a welcoming environment for everyone
- This includes names and profile pictures

4. Only tag staff roles for important reasons
- We keep track of all the mentions
- DM a Moderator if you wish to forward something to me
- Tag or DM a Moderator / Assistant to report someone. Specify details about the event by including message links and screenshots

5. The following topics & actions are prohibited:
- Begging/asking for financial support, items or jobs
- Spamming
- Advertising
- Excessive trolling
- Deliberately disturbing voice chat
- Political content
- Religious content
- Racial slur
- Sexual slur
- Personal attacks
- Anything against T.O.S.

6. Any other actions that cause problems will be dealt with as necessary
- Just because it's not specifically listed here doesn't mean it's allowed, avoid any drama and negativity for the sake of the community
- We judge each and every situation individually and take action based on the severity and regularity of an offense

7. Getting started
- visit 📄information after you're done here
- This isn't google, always try to do a little research before asking questions
- Post questions, pictures, etc in the correct channels
- Press the 🍆 emoji down below to accept the rules

Have a good time!

Welcome to the official TechSource Discord!
Take a moment to read the 🚫rules and 📄information before getting started!

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