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Official BeamMP Discord server, the BeamNG multiplayer mod! Come and chat, get updates, and meet people to play with!
Welcome to the official BeamMP Discord server, the thriving hub of the BeamNG multiplayer mod community! With over 500 active members consistently online, this server is your go-to destination for all things related to BeamMP. Stay in the loop about the mod's status, development progress, and upcoming features by joining our vibrant community.

The BeamMP Discord server is your central source for insights into the BeamNG multiplayer mod. Whether you're eager to track the mod's development, connect with fellow enthusiasts, or explore upcoming features, this server provides real-time notifications and discussions. As an English-speaking community, we prioritize effective moderation to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

Our expansive and inclusive community offers various voice chat channels for you to engage with friends or fellow players. Dive into our diverse talk topic channels covering game discussions, content creation (including screenshot sharing), car talks, computer discussions, photography, and more. We actively adapt our channels based on community preferences, so if there's a demand for a specific channel, we're open to implementing it!

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Respectful Communication: Treat fellow members with respect, fostering a positive and welcoming environment.
English Language: As our primary language is English, kindly communicate in English to facilitate effective moderation.
Role Selection: Opt for specific roles, such as mod notifications or miscellaneous notifications, to customize your experience.
Active Participation: While we avoid @everyone, stay engaged by selecting roles and dropping in from time to time to greet and catch up.
At BeamMP, we prioritize community engagement and aim to create a space where members can actively contribute to the server's evolution. Join us, share your passion for BeamNG, and become part of a dynamic and ever-growing community!

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