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A chat and entertainment community built on helping and socializing for software-oriented topics.

Discord is Discord's most comprehensive free and paid community for project broadcasting, chat, entertainment and collaboration in all areas. Share your software projects with more people.

Enjoy the time with an AI-powered chat bot exclusive to the Code Share community for chatting with AI.

Let your imagination draw the works of your imagination with the AI-powered drawing bot and experience an incredible sense of art.

Spend time having fun by participating in active games and other activities and get a chance to win prizes.

You can spend time chatting in voice channels.


1 | No member or authorised person can insult a person, religion, race, organisation, etc. regardless of who they are on this server. According to the action taken, the consequences of this situation will end with a ban from our discord server or a long-term silencing penalty.
2 | It is completely forbidden to advertise within the server or to the members on this server via dm or in your name. The result of this action is unlimited banning from our discord server.
3 | It is forbidden to spam on the channels within the server, that is, to pollute the channel with an off-topic action. The result of this action is a silencing penalty.
4 | It is strictly forbidden to exhibit behaviour that encompasses a religion, language, race or political opinion unless exaggerated, and to disrupt order and disturb users by using words that evoke such things. Depending on the behaviour, the consequence of this action may be a prolonged silence or expulsion from the server.
5 | It is strictly forbidden to deliberately annoy a member or an official and deliberately cause trouble on the server. The penalty for this action may be a long silence or ban from the server.
6 | It is strictly forbidden to harass a member or official by tagging them if they don't want to be tagged, if you don't know if it's right to tag the user, say what you want without tagging them. The punishment for this action may be a warning in the first place, then silencing and finally banning from the server.
7 | When using the help channels, it is strictly forbidden to damage a member's project or software under the pretext of helping and deliberately mislead the user. The penalty for this action is banning from the server.
8 | Not using the channels in the server for its purpose; Example: It is forbidden to use bot commands in the chat channel while there is a ⁠🤖・bot-cmd channel. The penalty for this action is a progressively longer silence penalty in repeat cases.
9 | It is strictly forbidden to log in to our discord server with fake accounts or invite fake accounts. Accounts and people who perform this action may receive a very long silencing and banning from the server if they are detected.
10 | Users who have not confirmed their discord account by e-mail cannot register on our Discord server for security and account verification purposes.
11 | No member or official may use excessive language or write condescending messages to another person.
12 | Excessive troll behaviour, that is, it is forbidden to take the normally calm environment to the level of tension.
13 | It is forbidden to cause emotional and material damage to people or to redirect them to links that tend to do so.
14 | Our only website https://codeshare.me/
15 | ⁠🎨・ai-drawing channel with /imagine command you can draw a picture to the artificial intelligence.
16 | You can spend time playing word games from the ⁠📝・word-game channel. It is forbidden to use abusive words.
17 | It is forbidden to harm people's mental, psychological conditions by sharing blood, brutality content (visual or direct).
18 | It is forbidden to judge and humiliate people's sexual or ideological orientation and preferences. It is forbidden to belittle the user. The penalty is silence for 1 week in the first stage and direct banning from the server in the second stage!
19 | Abusive chat is prohibited on the ⁠📝・word-game channel. The bot may respond abusively according to your message because it is systemic, but remember that it is a bot, do not give it an abusive return.

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