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A friendly, diverse and welcoming space for all. Meet and game with Muslims from all around the world!

Are you a gamer who is in search of a Muslim community? Your search is at an end! Join the Muslim Gamers League discord server now! This community is for everyone to join, gamers or non-gamers. Everyone is welcome to come and meet their Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world and have a great time.

Our dear brother, Yusha Evans, is the owner and founder of the Muslim Gamers League. His goal is to provide a halal, safe, moderated environment for Muslims whilst also bringing dawah to the gaming and streaming industry by producing content created by Muslims and developing professional-level content creators and players to take the highest platform in the e-sports industry. One of our constant aims is to create a space for youth which provides opportunities to play games they want within a safe space to avoid toxicity and negativity. This would contribute to the effort of uniting Muslims together to grow their online presence and community. To emphasize that point, we already have three content creators creating content on Twitch and YouTube for our members and for the Muslim community. We have multiple bots running that scour the chats and filter out anything harmful, and other bots are there to provide you with a pleasant experience and information. Moderators are always there to look after the server and its people, ensuring maximum safety for the youth from anything malicious to helping them out with general server activity and rules.

We also have a separate sisters-only section, which is monitored by our sister mods and requires voice verification to access. Our sisters not only play games with each other but also hold regular Quran sessions and do other fun events which increase the bond between them.

Lastly, to strengthen our community bond, we have weekly events. There are various events and some of them are not even gaming. We have quote sessions, poetry sessions, party games sessions, and even Kahoot quizzes to learn and spread knowledge. We host Quran sessions on the server to finish the Quran on a periodic basis.

Server Purpose 🌐
Welcome to the Muslim Gamers League Discord server, a unique and inclusive community that bridges the gap between the gaming world and the rich tapestry of Muslim culture. Whether you're a dedicated gamer or someone looking for a welcoming community, the Muslim Gamers League invites all to join and connect with Muslim brothers and sisters from around the globe.

Our Mission:
Halal Gaming Haven: Founded by our dear brother, Yusha Evans, the Muslim Gamers League strives to provide a halal, safe, and moderated environment for Muslims. We aim to create a space where gamers and non-gamers alike can come together to forge friendships and have a great time.

Dawah in the Gaming Industry: We are on a mission to bring dawah to the gaming and streaming industry by producing content created by Muslims. Our goal is to develop professional-level content creators and players, elevating them to the highest platforms in the e-sports industry.

Youth-Focused Safe Space: The Muslim Gamers League is committed to creating a safe space for youth, offering opportunities to play games within a positive environment. We strive to combat toxicity and negativity, uniting Muslims to grow their online presence and community.

Sisters' Corner: Recognizing the diversity of our community, we have a separate sisters-only section monitored by sister mods. This section not only facilitates gaming but also hosts Quran sessions and other engaging events to strengthen the bond among our sisters.

Weekly Bonding Events: To foster community spirit, we host weekly events that go beyond gaming. From quote sessions and poetry sessions to party games and Kahoot quizzes, there's something for everyone. We even conduct Quran sessions to collectively finish the Quran on a periodic basis.

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Server Rules 🕹️📜
To ensure a harmonious and enjoyable experience for all members, we have a set of rules and guidelines with emojis to keep the atmosphere positive:

Respectful Pixels: Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Our server is a welcoming space for all, and we encourage positive interactions between members.

Halal Gaming Guidelines: Embrace the halal gaming environment we aim to cultivate. Let's keep discussions and content in line with our mission of providing a safe space for Muslim gamers.

Youth Safety First: Our moderators are vigilant in ensuring the safety of our youth. Whether it's filtering harmful content or assisting with server activities, our moderators are here to help.

Sisters' Exclusive Space: Respect the privacy and exclusivity of the sisters-only section. Voice verification is required to access this area, ensuring a secure and comfortable space for our sisters.