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Welcome to the official DankPods Community Discord guild, a place to discuss DankPods, audio gear, iPods and other topics. We hope you'll enjoy your stay here, but first off, we need you to read and abide by the rules listed below, as well as faq.

1. Respect
Don't be racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist or otherwise engage in hate speech. You can curse, but just don't be a jerk to others. This includes offensive memes.

2. Be mature
Please act mature in any discussions here. Don't spam, or clog general up with unnecessary messages. Don't shitpost in chat and break up conversations.

3. Be inclusive
If someone asks you to stop discussing a sensitive topic, stop. We're trying to make this a friendly place.

4. Think before you type
If you think a message might be offensive to others, just don't send it.

5. Keep stuff to the correct channels
For example, keep memes to memes. It's fine if you post something better fitting to another channel to general once, but don't clog up the channel, take it to the relevant one. Also, keep audio-help to serious discussion.

6. Follow Discord TOS
Every member here needs to follow the Discord Terms of Service, for example, their age requirement. (https://discord.com/terms)

7. NSFW Content
Keep Not Safe For Work content out of this guild. There are underage people here, and plus, it's not something most people want to see.

8. Illegal Content
We don't allow illegal content to be posted in this guild in any form, and will report it to the relevant authorities. This includes piracy, such as Patreon-exclusive content. Don't post links to it or direct files.

9. Self-promotion
Don't advertise your own content here. This includes streams, YT channels and Discord guild invites. This rule may not be enforced if the content is relevant to the discussion.

10. Drama
Don't bring drama from other communities here.

11. Malware
Malware is not allowed to be uploaded in this guild. This includes images with malware inside of them, since they may still trigger antimalware software.

12. Politics
Politics are not allowed in this server, since it usually devolves into arguments.

13. Impersonation
Impersonating people, including a moderator or DankPods, is not allowed.

14. Language
This server is an English-speaking only server. It allows us to moderate the server without misunderstandings in language.

The official hub for talking about content creator DankPods, as well as music, audio gear, tech and other stuff!

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