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Welcome to enter! Connect with artists, collectors, and investors in a global community of NFT and crypto enthusiasts.

enterNFT is an ecosystem of marketplaces and creative tools that help artists, brands and businesses enter the world of crypto and connect with collectors and investors in a global, borderless marketplace. By providing artists and brands with the tools they need to set up shop on the blockchain, we work to empower creators and remove middlemen worldwide.
Whether you’re an established independent artist or brand, an emerging creator on the blockchain or a seasoned NFT degen, enterNFT provides the tools you need to get your creations on the blockchain and create your very own universe of NFTs.
In this server, you can connect with the rest of the enter community, participate in weekly competitions and giveaways, stay up to date on developments in the enterverse, and continue your journey down the rabbithole to learn more about NFTs and crypto.

Server Purpose
🌈 Empowering Creators in the Crypto Realm
Marketplaces and Creative Tools: Access a comprehensive ecosystem of marketplaces and creative tools that simplify the process of entering the crypto world for artists, brands, and businesses.

Global Connectivity: Connect with collectors and investors on a global, borderless marketplace, transcending geographical boundaries.

Decentralized Empowerment: Remove middlemen and empower creators by providing the necessary tools to set up shop on the blockchain.

Community and Collaboration: Join a thriving community of creators, participate in weekly competitions and giveaways, and stay informed about the latest developments in the enterverse.

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Server Rules 🚀📜
To ensure a harmonious and productive environment, let's adhere to these guidelines:

Respectful Collaboration: Treat fellow community members, artists, and creators with respect, fostering a collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

Compliance with Guidelines: Abide by the guidelines set forth by the ENTER $NFTART community to ensure a fair and inclusive space for all.

Focused Discussions: Keep discussions relevant to NFTs, crypto, and related topics, enhancing the learning and collaborative experience for everyone.

Positive Engagement: Promote positive engagement, encouraging a space where creators can freely share their ideas, projects, and learnings.

Ready to embark on a journey into the crypto universe and unleash your creative potential? Join the ENTER $NFTART Discord server and become a part of a community that empowers creators in the world of NFTs! 🚀✨ Join the Community

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